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Fjord London


Fjord is a global design and innovation consultancy part of Accenture Interactive. Originally founded in London, today Fjord has over 30 design studios around the world. From 2015 to 2019 I worked as a Service Designer in Fjord London. 

As a Service Design Lead I was responsible for the overall creative and strategic direction of projects, from building a strong team and planning the work, all the way to leading Fjord and Accecture's team, as well as the client team across the service design process through research, concept creation, prototyping, testing and delivery.


I worked both on the ground with the design team defining methodologies, outcomes and overseeing the quality of the designs, at the same time that I worked closely with senior stakeholders and Fjord's Leadership team to build an aligned and cohesive vision and to develop the right conditions for the project to thrive.

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Due to the nature of the projects we did at Fjord, most of my work is strictly confidential but these are some of the themes I worked on during my time at Fjord:

  • Delivering a seamless digital and physical in-store shopping experience for one of Europe's biggest home improvement retailer

  • Envisioning the future of banking and money for a European bank

  • Future proofing and designing a roadmap of public innovation for a government 

  • Re-imagining loyalty through sustainability for a global skin care brand

  • Re-defining the future of Telecom services through compelling customised user experiences for a global Telecom

  • Building a meaningful workplace and employee experience for workers of the public sector

  • Envisioning what sustainability means from within in the workplace

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