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London Cycling Network


In a partnership between Transport for London (TfL) and the department of Service Design at the Royal College of Art, we designed the London Cycling Network, a set of alternatives and personalised routes for cyclists of all levels, with a strong focus on safety and inclusion. Supported by the community and powered by users.

The challenge

London’s Mayor aim is to create a “cycling revolution” in London by 2026; delivering a 400% increase in the number of cycling trips and a 5% mode share for cycling. The Mayor’s vision is to make London a city where people can ride their bikes safely, enjoyably and easily in an environment that embraces cycling. Making this a reality requires physical and cultural changes, demands further investment, strong partnerships and political leadership.

The dangers – and perceived dangers – of cycling are far outweighed by its physical and mental health benefits. Nevertheless, families with young children, people with shopping, white-collar workers, new residents and many with physical disabilities find cycling unsafe, unpredictable and insecure. 

For many, London is perceived as a dangerous and aggressive city for cycling due to the amount of buses, lorries and the lack of dedicated cycling paths.

How might we help Londoners feel safe and empowered to use bicycles as their main mean to commute?
The outcome

The London Cycling Network provides an inclusive and flexible solution for cycling in London, which supports cyclists all throughout their journeys through a variety of touchpoints related to route planning, navigation, information, resting and parking, considering their level of skills, confidence and the type of journey they want to have.

It uses three route categories proposed throughout London, an app and a pocket-sized map, so that cyclists can opt for a journey tailored to their specific needs. In the streets, cyclists will be supported with guiding signage and cycling hubs that provide resting and parking spaces near the core of local communities.


The network creates spaces for cycling, whilst respecting road users as well as valuing and connecting communities. London is a vibrant metropolis full of opportunities, let’s use it as a catalyst to turn cycling into a more personal way of moving around the capital.

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