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Vitamin is an innovative health space that integrates healthcare, wellbeing and education into kids lives in a fun way, delivering a didactic health experience tailored to each patient needs and aspirations. 

Vitamin brings together different disciplines to support the children's development in a holistic way.

The challenge

Currently, wellbeing is an atomised experience. A great variety of professionals and non-professional individuals play a role in the children's development. From school teachers, to their dentists, paediatrician, parents and so on. These different players don't always communicate with each other and their actions are not necessarily aligned to create the best possible environment for kids to thrive.

When it comes to both healthcare and education there are many alternatives and conflicting trends in the market, for parents this overload of information and options can be very overwhelming. How can they know what is best for their particular kid?

Finally, in most cases, kids are not actively engaged in their wellbeing, learning how to take proper care of themselves and what are the different tools available is something many of us learn as adults anecdotally rather than in a deliberated way.

How might we curate the health and wellbeing experience of kids to support their development in a meaningful and customised way?
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The outcome

Vitamin is a holistic health centre provides a completely user-centric wellbeing experience tailored to each patient individual needs and aspirations. 


Different healthcare practitioners and the coordinators of wellbeing work together to customise each kid experience in the centre, providing information, support and guidance to kids and parents.

The service is organised around 4 main areas: emotional, nutritional, physical and environmental wellbeing. For each one of these areas Vitamin counts with dedicated professionals such as dieticians, speech therapists, dentists, etc. In addition to that, they provide a set of relevant classes such as cooking, learning how to learn, yoga, etc. Doctors can prescribe classes as part of the treatments.

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