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About. I'm a designer. I'm passionate about human behaviour, great experiences, meaningful interactions and sustainability.  

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I'm Vale, a Chilean native who has previously called London home. Embarking on a temporary nomadic journey, I dedicated my skills to volunteering with NGOs and local nonprofits across Asia. After seven enriching years abroad, I've returned to Chile.


Passionate about addressing intricate challenges through a life-centric approach, I firmly believe that leveraging design for meaningful purposes can significantly improve the world around us.

My expertise spans across a dynamic spectrum, blending Service Design, UX, Design Research, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship. I am driven by a passion for crafting exceptional user experiences and innovative solutions, informed by meticulous research and sustainable principles. With a sharp focus on detail, I am committed to delivering impactful designs that not only meet but exceed expectations. My entrepreneurial mindset ensures that I not only create successful designs but also develop strategies for long-term growth and sustainability.


MA in Service Design, Royal College of Art, UK

BA in Graphic Design, Universidad de Chile


Designing and Building AI products and services, MIT

Sustainable Business Strategy, Harvard Business School Online



Tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organisation, we collectively define the most suitable type of project that aligns seamlessly with your needs and objectives.

Throughout the project's development, I integrate as a dedicated member of your team, guiding its direction and facilitating collaboration to ensure the creation of an exceptional service.

Projects might encompass:

  • Design Research: Unveiling insights that drive strategic decisions.

  • Service and Product Innovation Strategy: Crafting visionary roadmaps that guide products from conception to market leadership.

  • Service Design and Delivery: Sculpting remarkable customer journeys and service blueprints that resonate with your target audience. And bringing them to life.


Workshops are versatile experiences that can be offered as standalone sessions or as part of a series. I provide three distinct types of workshops:

  • Discovery Workshops: These sessions focus on gaining a deep understanding of the problem at hand.

  • Co-creation Workshops: Designed to foster creativity and collaboration, these workshops facilitate the envisioning of innovative solutions.

  • Upskilling Workshops: Geared towards equipping your team with the foundational skills necessary for cultivating design thinking capabilities.

Each workshop is meticulously tailored to the needs of the attendees and aligned with the specific objectives we aim to achieve.


The duration, frequency, and intensity of our coaching programs are customized to suit the specific subjects you wish to explore:

  • Design Research

  • Design Thinking and Service Design methodologies and tools

  • Service Design strategy and vision

  • Service Design implementation and delivery

Each coaching program is meticulously crafted to meet your unique learning objectives and can vary in length and depth according to your organization's needs.

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