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I'm passionate about human behaviour, great experiences, meaningful interactions
& sustainability.

I am dedicated to tackling complex challenges with a holistic, life-centred approach, using design to create meaningful impact.​

My expertise spans across a broad spectrum, blending Service Design, UX, Design Research, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship. 



Tailored to meet the unique requirements of your organisation, we collectively define the most suitable type of project that aligns seamlessly with your needs and objectives.

Throughout the project's development, I integrate as a dedicated member of your team, guiding its direction and facilitating collaboration to ensure the creation of an exceptional service.


Workshops are versatile experiences that can be offered as standalone sessions or as part of a series. I provide three distinct types of workshops:

  • Discovery

  • Co-creation

  •  Upskilling

Each workshop is meticulously tailored to the needs of the attendees and aligned with the specific objectives we aim to achieve.


The duration, frequency, and intensity of the coaching programs are customised to suit the specific subjects you wish to explore:

  • Design Research

  • Design Thinking and Service Design methodologies and tools

  • Service Design implementation and delivery​

  • Aluna stands at the forefront of sustainability, pioneering the shift towards plastic-free periods with our innovative period-proof underwear. Our mission extends beyond products; it's about fostering a cleaner, more liberating, and equitable world. Today, Aluna has a vibrant community of over 20,000 customers across Chile, alongside partnerships with leading retailers. Additionally, our collaboration with the public sector on menstrual education campaigns underscores our commitment to not just changing how periods are managed, but also how they are understood.

  • I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse array of clients across industries such as Telecom, Retail, Fintech, and more. Additionally, my career has allowed me to live and work in various countries, enriching my experience and broadening my perspective. Below are some of the clients I've had the privilege to work with.

    Get in touch if you'd like to learn more about these projects or other engagements not listed here.

  • During my tenure at Accenture Song (FJORD), I embraced the role of Service Design Lead with a focus on orchestrating transformative design solutions across a spectrum of industries including fintech, retail, healthcare, telecom, employee experience, and the public sector.

    • 2015 |  Service Designer at FutureGov | TPXimpact (United Kingdom)

    • 2013 - 2015  |  Freelance Designer (United Kingdom)

    • 2013 | Founder of Minga Bikes (Chile)

    • 2011 - 2013 | Art Director at Imax Branding (Chile)

Career summary

Get in touch

I'm always happy to explore new opportunities and projects. Whether you have a potential collaboration in mind or simply want to connect, feel free to leave me a message here or reach out via email at

  • Year awarded: 2015

    United Kingdom

  • Year awarded: 2011


  • Year awarded: 2023


  • Year awarded: 2019



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