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Aluna is period-proof underwear brand, all our products are designed and produced by women in Chile using only high quality materials to deliver a comfortable, durable and reliable product for women.

Aluna is a personal project and we are currently in the prototyping and fundraising phase.

The challenge

Over the course of a lifetime, a single menstruating woman will use somewhere between 5 and 15 thousand pads and tampons, the vast majority of which will inevitably end up in landfills as plastic waste.


Just one sanitary pad could take up to 800 years to decompose as for most of the products in the market, the plastic used is non-biodegradable, leading to huge environmental hazards.


Even though tampons and pads are a basic necessity, for many women they remain inaccessible due to the monthly monetary cost they mean.


In the case of tampons they could even be dangerous as they expose women to toxic shock syndrome, a rare bacteria caused condition that could even lead to death. 

How might we create a sanitary product that is accessible, comfortable and safe to use and dispose?
The outcome

Luna is an environmentally friendly, reusable alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Our solution is a period-proof pantie that thanks to its unique design and combination of fabrics, it can be washed and it can be used for years without compromising quality or comfort.


The products are 100% designed and produced in Chile, creating a source of employment for local women.


Luna believes every women should be able to menstruate safely, freely and without creating an environmental catastrophe, that’s why for every 5-pack consumers buy, Luna will donate a period-proof pantie to women who can’t afford them.

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