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Heaven Hill Academy

Country: Nepal

Role / Services

How might we help a remote charity to create a sustainable source of income?

Heaven Hill Academy stands as a pioneering institution in Nepal, distinguishing itself as the first entirely free private school in the nation. Nestled in Gaunshahar, among the poorest regions of Nepal, this noble establishment commits to fully subsidising tuition fees, uniforms, and school materials for children hailing from the most marginalised castes and economic strata. This comprehensive support significantly alleviates the financial strain on families, enabling children to immerse themselves in education within a nurturing setting that encourages self-development and fosters creativity. The transformative impact of Heaven Hill Academy on the local community is profound. To date, the academy has empowered thousands children with access to quality education, equipping them with fluency in English—a skill that opens doors to new opportunities. Moreover, the presence and philosophy of Heaven Hill Academy have catalysed a paradigm shift in community attitudes towards violence and the value of education, laying the groundwork for a brighter, more enlightened future for all its members.

The challenge

With each passing year, Heaven Hill Academy must expand to ensure that every child in Gaunshahar receives a comprehensive education. Besides opening new remote schools, provision of at least one nutritious meal daily to students has become a new mission of Heaven Hill. To address the challenge of constant funding needs that Heaven Hill faces, we have devised a new fundraising strategy supported by three main pillars:

1. Focus on developing long-term relationships.
Heaven Hill Academy hosts approximately 350 international volunteers annually. However, for many, their interaction with Heaven Hill is a one-off experience, with no ongoing connection with the NGO once they depart. Establishing a volunteer alumni network is crucial, as this group of individuals is invested in the cause and more likely to donate and share campaigns when provided with the appropriate means.

2. Build transparency and accountability.
One of the primary shortcomings of numerous charities and NGOs is a lack of transparency regarding the allocation of funds. Proactively keeping donors and volunteers informed about project developments is essential for fostering a sense of ownership and involvement.

3. Diversify donation models.
Instead of relying solely on sporadic fundraising campaigns in times of need, Heaven Hill could implement structured fundraising programmes. This could involve options such as sponsoring the monthly education costs for one or more children, supporting specific projects such as providing food or school materials, and launching seasonal campaigns like the Christmas appeal, where individuals can donate either for themselves or on behalf of others as a gift.

The solution

Thanks to this new engagement model Heaven Hill has been able to achieve their mission of providing one meal to every student, and they have also inaugurated 2 more school in remote villages, and keep expanding the first one in Gaunshahar, positively impacting over a thousand children and their families.

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