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The Policy Lab

Country: United Kingdom

Role / Services

How might we help policy-makers respond to the citizens' needs?

The Policy Lab is a forward-thinking, design-led initiative housed within the UK Cabinet Office. It serves as a collaborative space where civil servants are encouraged to adopt a more integrative approach to policy-making. By harnessing user-centred design techniques and digital tools, Policy Lab offers a safe environment for experimenting with and testing new ideas. This approach facilitates innovation within governmental processes, paving the way for more effective and inclusive policy development.

The challenge

In my role at the Policy Lab, I was instrumental in crafting tools, research materials, methodologies, and service prototypes aimed at establishing a robust framework for innovation and public service design.

The methodologies and events orchestrated within the Policy Lab fostered a creative and collaborative environment. This setting enabled policy-makers to broaden their expertise and toolkit, empowering them to devise policies that are not only superior in quality but also more centred around human needs and experiences.

The solution

The Policy Lab is still up and running and it has become a successful space that radically improve policy making through design, innovation and people-centred approaches within the UK Cabinet Office.

Get in touch

I'm always happy to explore new opportunities and projects. Whether you have a potential collaboration in mind or simply want to connect, feel free to leave me a message here or reach out via email at

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