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London Cycling Network TfL

Country: United Kingdom

Role / Services

How might we help Londoners feel safe to use bicycles as their main mean to commute?

In a collaborative endeavour, Transport for London (TfL) joined forces with the Department of Service Design at the Royal College of Art to conceptualise the London Cycling Network. This initiative is dedicated to providing cyclists of all proficiency levels with a variety of alternative and personalised routes, emphasising safety and inclusivity. The project benefits from robust community support and is enhanced through active user participation.

While the environmental, physical and mental health benefits of cycling are significant, the reality of cycling in London is marred by safety concerns and a perception of danger, particularly among families with young children, individuals transporting groceries, white-collar workers, new residents, and those with physical disabilities. Many perceive London as an unsafe and hostile environment for cyclists, attributed to the heavy traffic of buses and lorries, coupled with a notable scarcity of dedicated cycling paths.

The challenge

The London Cycling Network represents a comprehensive and adaptable approach to cycling in London, catering to cyclists' needs at every stage of their journey. This initiative offers an array of services encompassing route planning, navigation, information, resting, and parking facilities. It is designed to accommodate cyclists of varying skill levels and confidence, ensuring a personalised experience for every type of journey.

The network introduces three distinct route categories across London, supplemented by a user-friendly app and a handy pocket-sized map. This setup allows cyclists to choose paths that best suit their individual preferences and requirements. On the streets, the initiative is further supported by clear guidance signage and cycling hubs strategically located near the heart of local communities, offering spaces for rest and parking.

The solution

By creating dedicated spaces for cycling and fostering a harmonious coexistence with other road users, the London Cycling Network not only enhances community connectivity but also respects the diverse needs of all city dwellers. With London's dynamic and opportunity-rich landscape as a backdrop, this initiative seeks to transform cycling into a more personalized and enjoyable mode of transportation across the capital.

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