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Research UX/UI Service Design

Laboratorio de Gobierno

Country: Chile

Role / Services

How might we create holistic and meaningful healthcare experiences?

Laboratorio de Gobierno is a pioneering innovation hub nestled within the Chilean government, dedicated to fostering innovation and promoting a citizen-centric approach in the design of public services.

As part of the initial team of the Laboratorio de Gobierno, my contributions encompassed the development of design methodologies, the creation of innovative tools, and the execution of a case study project. This project served as a practical demonstration of how these methodologies could be applied effectively in real-world scenarios. For further information about Laboratorio de Gobierno and its impactful work, please visit

To showcase the effectiveness of the service design methodologies developed for Laboratorio de Gobierno, we undertook a project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

For many Chileans, accessing primary healthcare is a significant challenge. In certain regions, individuals must wait in line outside health centers from the early hours of the morning to consult a doctor, facing potential health risks and unsafe conditions in the process.

The challenge

Núcleo Activo is an innovative digital platform that offers a comprehensive 360° perspective on patient lives, empowering doctors to swiftly gain a holistic understanding of the individuals they treat. This platform facilitates a deeper comprehension of the patient's medical history, lifestyle, and the array of services available in their vicinity.

With a richer understanding of the patient's personal circumstances, including their living conditions and community resources, healthcare providers can deliver more accurate diagnoses and tailor treatments more effectively. This includes the innovative approach of social prescribing, which leverages local services and activities, such as community sports, to enhance patient wellbeing. Núcleo Activo fosters a vital connection among healthcare professionals, patients, and local communities, enriching the healthcare ecosystem.

The solution

In recognition of its groundbreaking approach, Núcleo Activo was nominated for the prestigious Helen Hamlyn Design Awards in 2015, in London.

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