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Research UX/UI Service Design


Country: United Kingdom

Role / Services

How might we enable home owners to achieve their dream homes?

Kingfisher, the umbrella company of the leading home improvement stores in Europe, aimed to revolutionise the home improvement journey. They sought to guide customers seamlessly from inspiration to product selection and design, to realising their dreams. Challenges included complex product catalogs and navigating brick-and-mortar stores. To address this, both online and offline experiences were redesigned, integrated to support homeowners throughout their journey.

The challenge

We developed a range of online and offline experiences to support homeowners throughout their home improvement journey. This included curated inspiration, personalized product recommendations, intuitive design and shopping experiences both online and offline, expert guidance, and seamless integration of all services.

Recognizing the trial-and-error nature of home improvement, we addressed issues such as distance to stores and delivery times. We introduced new store formats: big format stores with comprehensive offerings, express stores in city centers for last-minute needs and advice, and digital stores providing easy navigation of the product catalog along with inspiration, design tools, and budgeting advice.

The solution

This entire endeavour was launched under the new brand GoodHome, featuring friendlier branding and innovative products and services. These included space builders and visualisers, materials calculators, a revamped in-store experience blending physical and digital elements, and a range of exciting new products and services designed to enhance the home improvement journey for customers across Europe and to bridge the gap between online and in-person shopping. GoodHome made its mark with the launch of its first phygital Express store in South London, embodying the future of home improvement.

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