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Country: United Kingdom

Role / Services

How might we transform Vodafone's customer and employee experience?

Vodafone faced a significant decline in sales and customer service perception, with a record number of complaints stemming from poor customer experiences. Customers encountered challenges with billing, contracts, and technical issues, often unresolved. Meanwhile, call center agents grappled with navigating multiple CRM systems, resulting in prolonged learning curves and frequent relearning. Despite their efforts, agents lacked the authority to address customer concerns effectively, compounding the frustration for both customers and employees.

The challenge

After a comprehensive understanding of the call center ecosystem and identifying key customer concerns, we embarked on a complete redesign of the CRM tool used by call center agents. Our focus was on creating a centralised platform for agents to swiftly access all relevant customer information, thereby minimising redundant inquiries. Moving away from complex tables and interfaces, we developed a visual experience enabling agents to quickly scan pertinent details and determine the best course of action within seconds.

In addition to the digital transformation, we conducted a thorough review of offline experiences, including training and management processes. We implemented new guidelines to expedite learning and enhance problem-solving effectiveness among team members.

The solution

The intuitive new UX/UI dramatically slashed the learning curve, significantly shortening call center agent training time. Agents experienced reduced stress levels, empowered by the ability to easily locate information and take action in only a few seconds, all within a unified platform. This streamlined approach not only improved agent efficiency but also enhanced the overall customer experience, minimising repetition and accelerating issue resolution.

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